5 Different Styles of Tying a Sarong

Sarong is a ‘must have’ piece of clothing in every fashionable girl’s wardrobe. And it becomes all the more essential when you are planning to hit the beaches.Nothing can beat the hotness of wearingyour all timefavorite swimsuit with a beautiful beach sarong. They undoubtedly serve as the perfect accessories for a day at the beach. Now, sarongs can be worn in a number of ways. You can create a plenty of new looks with your sarong. Starting from a long skirt to a halter dress, everything is possible with a sarong. All you need is creative mind to do so.

How Can You Wear A Sarong In Different Ways?

You can try out a plenty of innovative looks with a sarong. Here are a few of them:




  1. Long Skirt: This is the easiest way of wearing a sarong. You can easily wrap it around your waist and tie the ends of the sarong and wear it as a long skirt over your bikini or swimsuit. Let the knot rest on the hip to achieve a neat get up.


  1. Halter Dress: Tie the sarong around your neck to make a halter dress from your sarong. This looks completely girly and suits any body type.


  1. Mini Dress: Hold the sarong and lay it over your chest to make an attractive mini dress from your sarong.


  1. Blouse Style: You can wear it as a blouse with a pair of hot pants. The look is quite attractive and feminine.


  1. Toga Dress: Use a tabular sarong to make a toga dress. Place the sarong horizontally on your back then; tuck the left corner under your arm. Now wrap the other end below your armpit. Make the two corners meet over your shoulder and then tie a double knot.


These are some of the most common styles but, you can always try out other looks as well with your sarong. You can check out Allsarongs for a stylish collection of sarongs. You get all types and designs of sarongs out here in allsarongs.com.