Celebrity net worth: How smart investments help in increasing the brand value of a celebrity

Celebrities live a rich and expensive lifestyle. The life they live is of high maintenance and to maintain this quality of luxurious life, one needs to constantly keep on generating money. In this article, let’s see the ways in such celebrities invest their money which ultimately leads to an increase in celebrity net worth.

Real estate

Numerous celebrities of the present and the past have invested in real estate and development. Real estate has always been a very promising investment avenue for celebrities in general because they offer a sizeable return. The price of land seldom falls and real estate is always in demand so they are considered as investments with relatively less risks.


celebrity net worth


Yachts and supercars

Celebrities love owing exclusive and expensive products-right from the most expensive of cars to the most luxurious of yachts. These investments not only are an indication of a celebrity’s affluence but also can be seen as a smart investment choice. Products used by celebrities have a much higher resale value and in auctions fetch a very handsome profit margin. Also yachts are generally used by celebrities for their weekends or holidays and in other times, they are rented and hence fetch good money.

Private jets

It has become a trend nowadays for celebrities to own their own private jets. Though the initial investment can be very high but they are undoubtedly an unmistakable status symbol. Jets are used by celebrities to travel with their entourage and family. They are also given on rent to other rich people and hence celebrities do end up earning a good amount of money by this.

Clothing range and perfumes

Starting their own apparel range and perfume range is a very lucrative investment option for celebrities.Not only are they their own boss but also these investments offer a sizeable return. Investments in lifestyle ranges results in increasing the brand value of a celebrity, thereby positively affecting their net worth, as numerous lifestyle websites like celebritynetworth.wiki point out.