Dentist Suggest to Make Your Toddler Brush Teeth as it is Important

As a parent it is your duty to make sure that your kid’s overall health is perfect. It is to great dismay that no matter what you do, or how you handle them, toddlers are always going to find ways to defy adults. One of the common ground of dispute that every guardian faces is the inevitable bad oral and dental health. Seeing the rise in gum, mouth and teeth troubles, it is advisable by dentists such as dentistsinmobileal for parents to monitor the situation better.


A bad routine

Tracing down to the common source of the problem, why does your toddler refuse to brush teeth? As research suggests, only 10% of the toddlers refuse to brush their teeth daily because they feel uncomfortable. Whereas, in contrast to the source if reason, 25% of toddlers develop a bad routine on brushing their teeth.

  • Most children are quick to pick up their parent’s footsteps. Thus, if you have a poor brushing routine, your toddler will observe that and quickly follow the bad hygiene themselves.


After all, bad habits are more easily taken up by human beings.


  • What is even more interesting is that many children wish to skip on the brushing aspect because they simply do not like the idea of taking in this mandatory task.
  • To make the condition worse, most toddlers are not checked by their parents, and this further leads to many oral as well as dental problems later on.

A grasp at dental hygiene

So how do you make it work? How can a parent teach their child the good habit of brushing when they are set dead against it?

There are some techniques that you can adopt such as:

  • Offering a reward
  • Pretending it to be a game and many more.

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