Give Your Passion of Photography a Flight with ep Films

If you are thinking of purchasing a camera, but you do not have enough knowledge about photography, keep your worries at bay. Here, you will be provided with a detailed information about the features of a camera which will help you in picking the ideal camera.

A glance over the products which are offered

Ep films brings to you a range of camera options. The features of some of these products are discussed below:

  • 4K video cameras:

4K technology is used in digital television and digital cinematography.4K resolution uses a horizontal pixel resolution of 4,000 and a vertical pixel resolution of 2000. Here you will find 4K professional, semi-professional and action sports cameras.  As more pixels are used, therefore the image is sharper.

  • HD video cameras:

HD camcorders are the preferred choice of photography enthusiasts. Camcorders offer better audio and video quality and have a large internal memory. You can choose among professional, semi-professional and consumer camcorders, depending on your level of experience in photography.


  • DSLR cameras:

Get the best photographic experience with 4K DSLR cameras.

  • Aerial filming:

A range of aerial filming products-right from camera drones to rotor flying cameras are available for professional filmmakers.

Some products which are setting the trend

Here are some products which are trending at ep films. Grab these cameras before they disappear from the shelves.

  • BIKI, the 4K camera drone
  • Coolpix W300 from Nikon
  • 100 MP camera system by Hasselblad
  • TG-5, Olympus
  • Drone Spark by DJI

Fun is defined by the combination of adventure and shopping

If you are planning to go on an adventure, then you definitely cannot afford to miss shooting it. Prepare yourself before going for the adventure. Invest in a good quality camera. Pay a visit to, the store that offers you a variety of affordable cameras to choose from. These cameras are configured with the latest technologies. Purchase one and capture every memory of your trip.