Here’s What Foundation for Defense of Democraices Has to Say Regarding Putting Pressure on Iran

Foundation for Defense of Democraices says that the first thing that needs to be done to stop Iran from engaging itself into activities that threaten international peace is decertifying it.  The only way the issue of Iran can be fixed is by decertifying, pressurizing and then fixing the issue in the best possible way.

Major problems of the nuclear deal

The restrictions of the nuclear deal will expire within a few years as a result of the sunset clauses. Moreover it has often been observed that the leaders of Iran are trying to deny the access of the military sites to the U.N leaders. It is necessary for these inspectors to know about these sites. It is these sites where Tehran used to conduct the nuclear weapons work secretly.

Since no one is there to check these sites Iran is making nuclear missiles and then selling it to the foreign market from they are earning billions. This money is then used to encourage the internal repression and also the foreign aggression.

The opinion of Foundation for Defense of Democraices

Mark says that if President Trump decertifies then he is certainly not breaking any deal. It is also not required to re-impose the original nuclear sanctions. It will only help in decreasing the aggression of Iran and fixing a proper deal.

Foundation for Defense of Democraices says that it is extremely important to deal with this situation wisely.  He further says that the women in Iran are not allowed certain basic human rights. So it is very important to ensure these rights.

Mark who is the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies have done a lot of research on various subjects. They say that women should be allowed to exercise democracy. They should at least have the basic human rights. Doing all this will definitely make the world a much better place to live in.