Moti Ferder: The Name and Fame behind Lugano Diamonds

Moti Ferder is known to be the president and director of design of lugano diamonds. He has been associated with the industry of diamond from the age when he was young. Since then he trained himself to be a highly skilled diamond cutter who in turn became designer o jewellery. Under the influence and leadership of Ferder a grand salon of Lugano Diamonds was opened at California in 2005. It is the headquarter and at Newport Beach. It continues to serve its purpose at its best with the highest customer service and having the collective of antique pieces which are spectacular in nature. His marvellous creations of designer jewellery have brought him recognition from overseas and various other eminent publications. It is due to his skills and undaunted knowledge about the industry he has been able to establish lugano diamonds as one of the finest jewellery brands among the masses.

moti ferder

Partnership between Montage beach and Lugano:

Moti Ferder established another lugano salon in the year 2013 at the beach of Montage Laguna. This was more or less a kind of partnership between Lugano and Montage. This partnership aimed at personalising programmes well suited for brides which would make their special day to be memorable for a lifetime. This personalisation preferably involved the criteria of booking a wedding at the Montage Laguna Beach, upon which the brides would have the luxury to borrow marvellous sets from Lugano’s diamond collection. By this way the brides would have the opportunity to make their wedding day even more special.

The exclusive and extensive invention by Moti Ferder of the lugano diamonds gives the feasibility to the brides and grooms to choose the exceptional stone studded pieces according to their pocket pinch and their preferences of taste too. The lugano’s collection has the perfect variety and range to fit in for brides and grooms, which comes in different shapes and sizes.