Steps to start your own business

You can refer to or the various gurus there are on the net which will help you to start your own business. However, some things that will be found on any site even are :


  1. You need to find your space. When working from home, the hardest is to find your own space, one that is to be set aside specifically for work. The hardest part is perhaps teaching the rest of the members of the home that this space is not to be infringed upon and is only dedicated to work.
  2. Once you have your space, you should set it up so that you have all that you need without having to break your concentration or hunting around for things. Also, you need to have a comfortable desk chair. You would need filing cabinets and equipments which help you to brainstorm.
  3. You need to get connected and set up communication through various means. You would need access to a PC or laptop, phone, printer – especially a multifunction one and you need to have access to the internet. The required software and hardware needed should be set up before you even begin your business.
  4. A plan is needed which will have the summary, overview, the details of services and products on offer, the strategy to be followed and marketing analysis done, of course along with the financial overview. Without a proper plan, you will be setting yourself up for almost certain failure.
  5. Incase licenses are required, these would need to be in place before you start the business.
  6. You should be aware of the different laws which relate to your business or to the people who you intend to employ in the business.
  7. Finally, you would need to be aware and maintain all that is needed for tax season.


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